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Protecting Your Interests

A business lawyer works to not only educate clients but also make them feel more comfortable with the decisions they are making for their business. Admont N. “Monty” Georgeson is a business lawyer in San Rafael, CA that has been assisting business owners in the area with creation, business planning, and administration for years now. He listens to clients and tailors his legal services to best fit their needs.
When you put your trust in Georgeson Law Group, you can expect us to walk you through applicable laws, compliance, risk management, and much more.

When to Hire a Business Attorney

  • Business Formation: When starting a business, you must choose what type of business you would like to be. You will form your business as an LLC, S-corporation, C-corporation, partnership, or another form. Each form of entity has differing implications regarding operations, liability, taxes, etc. If you would like to be more informed when forming a new business, it’s recommended to work with a business lawyer that has gone through the process with clients many times before. With the help of Georgeson Law Group, you can feel confident from the start.
  • Business Planning: Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibilities. When you have an experienced business attorney on your side, you can expect them to review your business plans thoroughly to ensure no details are missed. Our business lawyer will look over contracts, assist with drafting, and provide expertise to help you better plan for your business’ future. From commercial transactions and trademark advice to setting financial goals, Georgeson Law Group can assist with it all.
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Call Now and Schedule Your Free Consultation

If you are ready to speak to a business lawyer about your specific needs, get in touch with Georgeson Law Group today at (415) 453-2300. When you schedule a free consultation, you can expect to work directly with our principal attorney, Admont N. “Monty” Georgeson. He will provide you with undivided individual attention. Call now!

Georgeson Law Group assists clients in San Rafael, Marin County, San Francisco County, Sonoma County, and Contra Costa.

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