Feel Confident in Your Decision with Guidance from a Trusted Commercial Real Estate Attorney near San Rafael, CA

Protecting Your Interests

When investing in commercial real estate, you have to take into account the potential tenants, risk and return, longer lease terms, and more. Here at Georgeson Law Group, we have experience working with both commercial and residential real estate transactions

Our goal is to guide clients through the process so that it is understandable and less complex.

When you work with Adamont N. “Monty” Georgeson as your real estate attorney, he will help you with negotiating sales, analyzing contracts, and facilitating the closing. From beginning to end, we are there to ensure a seamless transaction. Reach out to a realty lawyer in the San Rafael, CA area today by calling our firm!

Why Should I Work with a Real Estate Lawyer?

Georgeson Law Group works to protect individuals and businesses from financial mistakes when it comes to purchasing or selling property. With more than three decades of experience practicing in commercial real estate law, our attorney is aware of common pitfalls that should be avoided during the process. When you put your trust in a reputable real estate lawyer, you can expect them to save time in the process, ensure your deal is legitimate, inform you of zoning laws, and help you get the best price.

If you would like to learn more about how a realty lawyer can assist you, contact Georgeson Law Group today!

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Schedule a Free Consultation by Calling Today

Whether you need assistance with your commercial real estate transaction or need an attorney to help with lease disputes, you can trust Georgeson Law Group for the job. As an experienced real estate attorney, Adamont N. “Monty” Georgeson can handle everything from contracts and closing to legal disputes. Contact the firm today to schedule your free consultation with us!

Georgeson Law Group assists clients in San Rafael, Marin County, San Francisco County, Sonoma County, and Contra Costa.

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